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We take great joy in our dogs and the dogs we place into special homes. Here are a few photos of them enjoying life!

Kev breed.jpg

Kevyn winning Best of Breed at her first dog show in April 2022. Her talented handler in this photo was just 11 years of age! (Arianna Penner)

Kev group.jpg

Kevyn showing in Group after winning Best of Breed in April 2022.

Kaya on pig.jpg

Not so much a dog but the cat loves hitching a ride on the pig's back!

Kev and Maya.jpg

My five-year-old niece Maya showing Kevyn in Junior Handling for the very first time ever!

Howard slide.jpg

As a baby Howard always loved his slide. As an adult he still does!

Kev and puppies.jpg

The babies' first walk in June 2023. Coco's ear didn't want to stand so it needed some moral support!

Kev agility.jpg

Kevyn at her first agility trial. She loves this sport and like many Pembrokes, excels in it!

Kev flying.jpg

Kevyn playing Chase Ability. In this game they have to follow a "bunny" (plastic bag) tied to a string through a 300 yard course of straight-aways and turns!

Kev coat.jpg

Kevyn just looking amazing after her bath!

Howard clean.jpg

Howard right after his bath before the big Renaissance Dog Show in April 2024.

Kev and Howard.jpg

Mom and son waiting for the human mom to come home from work!

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