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Our Dogs and Their Support Team!

We'd like to introduce you to the dogs and other animals we currently share our home with.

Kev coat.jpg


Kevyn is our foundation bitch here at Cydweli Corgis. While not our first Pembroke, she is the first dog I've had to earn 20 titles at two years of age across agilty, scent hurdle, sprinters, chase ability, tricks, herding, conformation, and barn hunt.

Kevyn is best described as serious, methodical, and thoughtful but eager to do everything.


Howard is one of the males from Kevyn's first litter who was just too special to let go. While he has started his show career off strong with a major at his second show, are still determining whether he will be part of our breeding program or remain with us as a pet. Howard has his Novice Trick Dog title and Barn Hunt Instinct title and is best described as the "class clown". If he were a person, I would be getting phone calls about him throwing paper airplanes in class! He has significant drive and loves to learn and I'm looking forward to continuing his agility training which he started at 12 weeks old.

Howard clean.jpg


Jillian is the matriarch of the family, and all decisions are approved by her, particularly if they involve food. Jillian came to me as a six-week-old piglet in January 2012 and is now twelve and a half years old. In her younger years, she completed three levels of agility training and one level of nose work. She was the shop ambassador at the grooming shop I worked at and has hosted fundraisers, attended university with me, and done therapy work with children with special needs. Jillian is an indoor pet and sleeps on my bed, relegating everyone else to the floor. I suppose rank has its privileges sometimes!

Jilly Adorable.jpg


Kaya is a purebred Snow Bengal who came into my life in 2021, just six weeks before Kevyn. Kaya has a bit of a background story to her. In April 2020, just as Covid was starting, I lost my 4.5-year-old Scottish Fold Munchkin named Otter suddenly and without warning. It turned out she had an undiagnosed congenital heart defect. Devastated by her loss, I decided to get a Bengal as that was another breed I had been interested in. Three weeks later, I brought home Sabrina in May 2020. In August 2020, I lost my 13-year-old Pem, Jonah, very suddenly as well. Then in October 2020, Sabrina somehow fractured her hip and underwent surgery. She came home the following day and died of aspiration pneumonia at ten months of age. In five months, I had lost three pets suddenly and tragically. Sabrina came from a highly ethical breeder who offered to replace her, although she was not required to as this was not a condition covered by her health guarantee. So, I patiently waited until Kaya was ready to come home in April 2021. Kaya is affectionate on her terms and also very comical. She will play fetch for hours and loves sunbathing in her massive outdoor patio. She also finds that Jillian makes an excellent stool to stand on.

Kaya on pig.jpg
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