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Links to Helpful Information

Here are some links we believe you will find helpful and informative either during your search for a new puppy or after you've brought him home.

Dog Star Daily - a repository of information on training and behaviour by leading veterinarian and canine behaviourist, Dr. Ian Dunbar, PhD.

Cadwyn Corgis - our sister breeder located in Montréal, Québec, and the breeder of Kevyn

Canadian Kennel Club - the registering body of purebred dogs in Canada

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals - the most comprehensive database of animal health testing results fully searchable by the public

Suzanne Clothier - internationally respected author, speaker, and expert on relationship-based training

Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers - leading independent certifying body of science-based dog trainers across the globe

Dog Show - a comprehensive website to search for CKC dog events in your area to watch or if you're so inclined - enter to earn titles for your dog!

American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour - position statements and handouts on a variety of topics relevant to pet owners

Do More With Your Dog - the official website to register your dog's tricks and earn your trick dog titles!

Grief Recovery Calgary - free downloadable resources when dealing with pet loss

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