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Brenda's Professional Experience

Brenda has extensive professional experience in the pet industry including:

- Pet Access League Society (PALS) – volunteer therapy dog evaluator

- Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) 

- Licensed Excellent Level Agility Judge with the Canadian Kennel Club 

- Canine Good Neighbour Evaluator with the Canadian Kennel Club

- Licensed Advanced Level Agility Judge with the Agility Association of Canada

- Owner of two Pet Planet pet health food store franchises

- Owner of Calgary's second-largest positive-reinforcement based dog training school

- Owner of two high-capacity dog daycares and a boarding facility

- Professional and competitive groomer

- Breeder of high-quality, UKC-registered Miniature American Eskimos

- Trainer and / or competitor in flyball, herding, scent hurdle, manners classes, puppy classes, agility, sprinters, chase ability, tricks, and conformation

- Attendance at numerous seminars by the top trainers and behaviourists in the world including Dr. Ian Dunbar, Suzanne Clothier, the late Sophia Ying, and dozens more

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