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Frequently Asked Questions

It's normal to have a lot of questions when you're considering bringing home a new puppy. Maybe this is your first puppy ever, or your first puppy as an adult, or your first Pembroke Welsh Corgi! We have tried to answer as many questions as possible throughout the website and contract, but here are some of the more common questions we receive.

1. How much are your puppies?


Our puppies start at $3,500.00CAD on limited registration (non-breeding) contracts. This includes the proper raising and socialization of your puppy for 12 weeks, high quality food and treats, first vaccinations and de-worming at eight weeks old, training, intesnive socialization, and so much more. A non-refundable deposit of $500 is due if you are offered a puppy when they are assessed around 14 days of age. Deposits are non-refundable but if your circumstances change prior to bringing your puppy home, they are valid indefinitely although the price of the future litters may change.

2.  Where are the puppies raised?


All our dogs are pets first and breeding stock second. As such, they live in our home and are an integral part of our lives. The puppies are whelped and raised in an area just outside my bedroom door in my beautifully finished and heated basement that expands as they grow. Upon removal from the whelping box, the entire area is turned into a puppy paradise with a large play area, lots of toys, running water to drink, a crate to settle into, and so much more. Weather dependent, when the puppies are old enough, they receive lots of time to play in the spacious backyard with their slide, ball pit, swing, and more.

3.  I just want a pet. Why do papers matter?


This is an important question that we get asked a lot. There is a very detailed answer on our FaceBook page (Cydweli Corgis) but the short answer is that you are drawn to a breed because of its phenotypes (observable traits). Unless a dog is a registered purebred, there is no proof whatsoever that your dog is the breed you think it is. While a dog with papers is not a guarantee of a well-bred dog, it does guarantee traceable lineage so you can be sure your dog is what you think it is.

4.  Why is health testing important?


Every breed is prone to certain genetic diseases that can affect, shorten, or even eliminate it's quality of life. In Pems, we are concerned about hips and elbows as these affect the structure, function, and even lifespan of the dog. We are also concerned about eyes and the heart, wanting them to be free of any detectable defect. Finally, we are concerned about degenerative myelopathy which is like ALS in humans, Von Willebrand's Disease which is a blood disorder, and Exercise Induced Collapse which is a condition that causes a dog to collapse after exercising due to a narrow airway. We test all our dogs for all of these disorders to provide you with the healthiest puppy possible. All of Kevyn's health test results are available here. We also verify the health test results of each sire we use.

5. Can I request a certain colour of puppy?


You absolutely can, but we don't recommend it! There is no guarantee of which colour combinations we will be blessed with each litter, and colour is not indicative of anything to do with personality or health. We will not place a puppy based strictly on sex or colour but rather we will choose the best puppy for your lifestyle while trying to accommodate requests.

6. Why do I have to wait to spay or neuter my puppy?


Emerging research, although not universally accepted, is showing that dogs develop better, have lower incidences of some cancers (this argument will always be counteracted with early spay/neuter also lowers some cancer risks and this is also true). Delaying spaying and neutering until the dog is fully grown and growth plates have closed allows the dog to grow and develop proportionately and utilize the hormones that are critical to the growth process, but eliminated when pediatric spays and neuters occur. Fractures are common in dogs who are altered at too young of an age and contrary to what your friends will tell you, delaying altering your dog will not increase aggressive behaviours in your dog. 

7. I want a dog to breed. Will you sell me one for breeding?


The short answer is - it depends. We support mentoring people who are new to the dog fancier world and show a commitment to working ethically with the best interests of the dog in mind. We have a stringent process before we consider allowing a dog to be bred so if this is something you would like to know more about, please reach out for a private conversation. Our first question will be "Why do you want to breed your dog?".

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