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Meet the Breeder

I got my first dog when I was 19 years old, a Miniature American Eskimo named Jasper. When I got Jasper, I could not even conceive of the world that would open up before me. Jasper sent me on a journey that continues now, almost 30 years later. I had Jasper for only 19 months when I had to make the very difficult decision to perform a behavioural euthanasia due to his severe and increasingly dangerous behaviour toward humans. In the short time I had him, I put his Agility Dog of Canada title in agility on him, trained him in formal obedience, tracking, and search and rescue. So, what went wrong? I will never know, but knowing what I know now I believe it was a combination of genetics, training, and possibly even a physiological influence. At the time, the only training methods available were aversive, or punishment-based and while I do not believe that was the sole cause of his issues, I do not believe that choking him and punishing him helped his behaviour or our relationship. After Jasper passed, I acquired three more Miniature American Eskimos - Jessie who would become my absolute heart dog, and Molly and Amy who became the foundation bitches of my breeding program. Molly was a therapy dog and together we attempted to start a visitation program at the local prison. Amy was a UKC Grand Champion and had a phenomenal temperament. For both Molly and Amy, I was their third home. Molly and Amy went on to produce beautiful, high quality, healthy puppies until retirement and Jessie remained a pet, competing in agility to the Masters level with me. I became a judge in 1996 with the Agility Association of Canada and also judged the first-ever agility trial with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) in Tottenham, Ontario in 2001. I then became a CKC evaluator for the Canine Good Neighbour program.

After moving from Ontario to Alberta in 2003, I acquired my first Pembroke Welsh Corgi in December 2005. I had read several years earlier about a Corgi named Becky in the United States who was a Triple Crown Winner in agility and I thought to myself "Corgis can do agility??? I must get one!". Brody came home first, followed by Jonah two years later after Jessie passed. Brody excelled in every sport she attempted but her three loves were agility, flyball, and scent hurdle. After Brody's passing in 2018 and Jonah's in 2020, I welcomed Kevyn into my home and heart in 2021 and she is the foundation bitch for my breeding program. Before she was two years old Kevyn earned her Canadian Championship, 13 dog sport titles, nine qualifying scores in her first agility trial, her Canine Good Neighbour title, passed her herding instinct test and was training on sheep, and was ready to compete in scent hurdle.

Soon, we will welcome our second female, Mrs. Garrett home to follow in Kevyn's footsteps and contribute to our breeding program as well.

In addition to "all things dog", I hold an Honours degree in Psychology and am a Master of Science student in Applied Psychology. I work part-time in aviation, have a home-based dog grooming business, and a small counselling practice as well. During our down time, Kev and I often head to the mountains to hike and take in some of the beautiful scenery we are blessed with.

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